news-catechetical-dayThe beginning of the catechetical Year 2011 – 2012 was marked by a beautiful and solemn inaugural mass on the 12th June 2011 which was also Pentecost Sunday. The altar was dressed in white with an orange banner bearing the theme of the catechetical year – “Creation manifests God’s Love.” The liturgy for the mass was prepared and coordinated by catechist, Linda Frois. Mass began with a solemn procession of catechists entering the church followed by the Altar Servers and the main celebrant, Fr. Tomas Lobo, our Parish Priest.

The introduction gave a synopsis of the theme and the day’s readings with a prayer to the Holy Spirit to help restore our relationship with our Creator and creation and live a life of love, peace, joy and righteousness. In his homily, Fr. Tomas spoke on the theme of the Pastoral year: “Covenant Between Human Beings And Creation: – Divine Love’s Manifestation.” He went on to say that we are the master pieces of God’s creation and the beautiful creation around us manifests God’s love for us. Jesus was born in a manger in natural surroundings. When Jesus preached the Word He used all examples from nature to give us the message of God’s love. Referring to the Pastoral Letter for this year he said the focus is on the need to love creation around us and to respect the laws of nature. Man by his selfishness has destroyed fields, polluted water and other natural surroundings thus bringing about disaster on himself. He ended his sermon by narrating a story creating awareness of our responsibility as guardians of God’s creation and exhorting us to work to make our world a better place to live in.

After Communion and the Thanksgiving prayer, all the catechists renewed their commitment before the altar with lit candles and Fr.Tomas invoked God’s blessings upon them. At the end of the Mass, before imparting the final Blessing, Fr. Tomas wished the catechists, the children and their parents a very fruitful catechetical year. The Cherubs enlivened the entire mass with their singing.

The inaugural service concluded with a time of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. At the end of the adoration, packets of sweets were distributed to all the children and they went home beaming with delight.