CharismaticThe Porvorim prayer group has been in operation since 1996 under the Goa Service team of the Catholic Church Renewal. The group has a strength of 35 members under the guidance of our parish priest Fr Tomas Lobo.

The Group gathers every Tuesday from 6.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. in the side wing of the Church, as a community to praise, worship and to grow in the Word of God. All the members actively participate in the various outreaches organized by the group and the parish.

The mission of the group is to be true witnesses of Jesus, to become the salt and light in the world, to bear our crosses with love and to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to face challenges that this materialistic world offers.

Each member considers this prayer group as an extended family and we pray that we are empowered in our vision to become fruit bearing disciples for Jesus.

The backbone of our prayer group is our Intercessory Team that meets every Thursday at 6.30 – 7.30 p.m., before the Blessed Sacrament in our church. All petitions and intercessions are placed before our merciful Jesus, who intercedes for our every need and who grants us our desires according to His will, in his time. Many members have experienced the healing love of the Lord and the answers to their prayers, when we gather Thursday after Thursday. We believe that only through concerted prayer that our fiercest battles can be won.

The present core team comprises of Malaquinha Fernandes (prayer group leader), Antoinette Lopes, Creina D’mello, Iona Pinto and Roshan Mathias.