thomas-stephen-konknni-kendrIn 1978 the Goa Jesuits felt the need to start a Konknni institute to teach Konknni to their scholastics. Fr. Pedro Arrupe, the Superior General of Jesuits gave his consent to establish such a Konknni institute in Goa. Fr. Romuald de Souza then the Jesuit Provincial of Goa-Pune Jesuit Province selected a young Jesuit scholastic Pratap Naik to work for this institute. Pratap Naik convinced his superior and fellow Jesuits that the scope of the Konknni institute should be much broader than mere teaching of Konknni to Jesuits. He presented a blue print which focused the principle aim of Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr (TSKK) as a research centre for the scientific study and promotion of Konknni language, literature and culture.

TSKK aims at a linguistic study of Konknni and its related languages, research on Konknni dialects and sociolinguistic data, promotion of Konknni literature, study of Konknni culture and folklore, standardization of Konknni language and orthography, writing linguistic grammars and dictionaries and similar work to promote Konknni.

TSKK garden is being turned into a mini botanical garden with its focus on local fruit trees and flower plants. The entire flora of TSKK has been identified by its local name, English name and botanical name. Nameplates are displayed in the garden.


Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr (TSKK) aims at uniting Konknnis, irrespective of their territorial identity, religion, dialect, script, cultural expression, by promoting Konkani language, literature and culture through research, education and publication.