catechetismCatechism classes for children are conducted within the Church premises on Sundays, during the months of June to February every year. The classes begin immediately after the 09.00 a.m. Children’s Mass. Maria Dias and her husband, Domnic Dias, co-ordinate the catechetical activities on the advice and guidance of the Parish Priest and with the support of the team of catechists. The Sunday children’s Mass is celebrated in Konkani and English alternatively with each class (from Std. VI onwards) taking care of the liturgy guided by their respective catechist.

The total number of children on the rolls in a given year is over 400, in the age group of three and half to fifteen years, divided into eleven classes, viz. K.G. to Confirmation. Basically, our Parish is English oriented (almost 100% children opt for English medium), as such the classes are being conducted in English based on the syllabus of Diocesan Catechetical Center. Efforts to introduce Konkani as the medium for teaching catechism have not found much favour, not only among the children but the catechists as well due to limitations in expression.

The Sacrament of First Holy Communion is administered to the children, after due preparation, on the second Sunday of January every year. The Sacrament of Confirmation was also being celebrated in our Parish every year. However, as per the advice of our Archbishop Confirmation will now be held once in two years. As such Sacrament of Confirmation will not be celebrated in our Church this year. After completing Std. IX (Sovem Pustok), the candidates undergo their immediate preparation. Special sessions/retreat, on topics chosen as per their need, and given by resource persons from outside the Parish, are conducted for them as part of their immediate preparation.

Apart from the Sunday Catechesis, other activities such as celebration of inaugural day, teachers’ day, children’s day, Pastor’s birthday, vocation day, closing day, etc., are held. Interactive sessions with the parents are also held. The Catechists meet on the first Sunday of every month, after Catechism classes, for a time of faith sharing. Our catechists also participate in the programmes arranged by the Diocesan Catechetical Centre.

A choir of catechism children “CHERUBS” continues to sing at the children’s Mass every Sunday and other occasions as and when called to. The choir was formed in the year 2000 at the initiative of Ms Maria Dias and she still continues to shoulder the responsibilities of the choir, in addition to co-ordination of the Catechetical activities.