DSCN0743The Legion of Mary of the Holy Family Church, Porvorim under the banner of “Mother of the Church, Porvorim”, was started in the year 1989 by Fr. Antonio Cotta. The First Presidium consisted of eight members. Over the years the number of members grew but eventually some members discontinued and opted to be auxiliary members. Presently we have 15 auxiliary members. Our present active Presidium headed by our Spiritual Director, Fr. Tomas Lobo has 16 Legionaries, four of which are office bearers i.e. President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Weekly meetings are conducted every Monday from 4.30 to 5.30 p.m. in the Church Hall. A monthly meeting of the four officers of all North Goa Presidiums is held at the Mapusa Church Hall by Stella Matutina Comitium.

The work of the Legionaries is visitation of homes, hospitals, aged homes, orphanages, asylums, slums and other institutions. Legionaries meet Christians and Non Christians and spend time with them, with a view to disseminating information on the faith and also pray with them. Other activities undertaken by the Legionaries include recitation of the Rosary at funerals, cleaning the church premises, washing the church linen, preparing the altar, preparing the readings at Eucharistic celebrations and generally assisting the Parish Priest whenever called to do so.

Each year on 25th March or a day close thereto a great central annual function of the Legion called Acies Day is celebrated when all Legionaries of North Goa assemble together to consecrate themselves to Our Lady and renew their Fealty to Mary Queen of the Legion and receive from her strength and blessings for yet another years battle with the forces of evil.

On 8th September, the Legionaries celebrate the Nativity of our Blessed Virgin Mary with great pomp and solemnity. The preparation of the novenas as also the feast mass which culminates with the Legionaries renewing their vows is undertaken with a great deal of zest and enthusiasm.

In the month of November one day is dedicated to all the deceased Legionaries and a Mass well attended by all members is celebrated by our Spiritual Director.

  • President: Mrs. Miriam D’sa
  • V. President: Mrs. Aida Castellino
  • Secretary: Mr. Felix Rosario
  • Treasurer: Mr. Anthony Fernandes