The Altar Servers Association was started in September 1999 and since inception over 300 members has enrolled themselves in this Association.


  • Serving the Lord with joy.
  • Regular meetings for instructions and fellowship.
  • Picnics, quizzes, games.
  • Interaction with parents.
  • Participation in inter-Altar Servers activities.

Every year after the celebration of the First Holy Communion, the communicants, both boys and girls are invited to join this Association, with consent from their parents/guardians.

This Association meets regularly every Saturdays at 4.30pm. The meetings are from 4.45p.m. till 5.30p.m. Whenever it is a vacation from the schools for the Altar Servers, it is used for activities such as picnic, quizzes, games, interaction with parents etc.

The regular Saturday evening meetings are mainly for fellowship, teaching, instructions, sharing experiences and drawing up the schedules for Altar service for the coming weekends. This is to ensure that at every Mass there is at least one senior altar server so that junior altar servers learn and are guided during actual service. Selection of Altar Servers to serve at important church celebrations such as Novenas and Feast of the Holy Family, Feast of the Nativity of Mother Mary, Holy Week, Easter, Christmas etc. is done based on experience, attendance at meetings and commitment to the duties allotted.

The Altar Servers are regularly asked if they feel a desire to join priesthood or religious life, and in case of such an inclination/vocation, the Parish Priest is informed.

The activities of the Association are presently co-ordinated by Fr. Alfi D’Cruz and Sem. Standly Colaco, under the overall guidance of the Parish Priest, Fr. Caetano Fernandes.