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  1. Today Sunday 19th September 2021 is celebrated as a Vocation Sunday in our Archdiocese. Let us pray fervently for Vocations in our parish.
  1. From tomorrow(20/09/2021) the masses at Holy Family Church will be as follows:


Morning mass 7:00 am

  1. Monday, Wednesday and Friday (English)
  2. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (Konkani)

Sunday mass

  1. Saturday evening 6:30 pm (English)
  2. Sunday morning 8;00 am (English)
  3. Sunday morning 9:30 am (Konkani)

At the Holy Cross Chapel

Weekday 7:00 am

Monday, Wednesday and Friday (English)

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (Konkani)

7:30 am English/Konkani (Alternate Sunday)

There will be no registration for mass till further notice. You can either come to the Church or go to the Chapel for mass. Be assured that you are prayed for every day.

  1. There is a notice from Don Bosco Father’s. For details kindly refer to the notice board.
  2. There is a Blood Donation Drive, today (19/09/2021) at Institute Piedade, Panaji from 10 am to 12.30 pm. For details kindly refer to the noticeboard.

Thank you and God bless.

Fr. Caetano Fernandes

Parish Priest