Church Announcements – 10/02/2019

  1. Next Sunday’s mass co-ordination by Marriage Encounter. Mr. & Mrs. Armando & Marina to co-ordinate. Saturday evening mass is in English.
  2. The parents of children of class II are required to attend a meeting on today, Sunday 10th Feb after the 9.15 am mass in the church hall.
  3. Altar servers please note there is a meeting today, after the catechism class.
  4. Deanery church’s of North Goa is meeting at Bambolim shrine at 3.00am for the Pilgrimage Walk from the shrine to St. Jose Vaz old church on the 10th of March, 2019. Parishioners interested; please register your names in the church office to arrange transport accordingly.
  5. Pedro Arrupe Institute, Raia is organizing a weekend Seminar in English: “WORDS BECOME LIFE” by Dr. Leo D’Mello on Feb 16th – 17th. For details kindly refer to the notice board.
  6. Our Parish Priest shall be visiting the wards 1c / 3b / 4h / & 5a / left for finalization of the new PPC reconstitution on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the evening from 6.00 pm onwards.
  7. There is a notice from the Village Panchayat of Salvador Do Mundo. For details kindly refer to the notice board.

Fr. Caetano Fernandes

Parish Priest