Church Announcements – 21/10/2018

1. Next Sunday’s mass co-ordination by Youth Group. Mr Leander Pinto to co-ordinate. Saturday evening mass is in English.
2. Altar Servers please note there will be a meeting today Sunday, 21st of October, 2018 after the catechism class in the church.
3. Today is World Missions Day. Today’s love offering is going specifically for mission work. Let us support the mission works with the same zeal and generosity that we have been doing in the past years. Cheques, if any, may be given in the name of Pontifical Mission Organizations.
4. Ward Wise Election for the reconstitution of the Parish Pastoral Council for the period starting from June 2019 onwards will be held on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 11th November. The time will be intimated subsequently.
5. “St. Francis School” (proposed ICSE pattern), an initiative by ‘Society of the Franciscan Brothers’ of Duler is open for admission for the coming academic year 2019 – 2020. For details please refer to the notice board.
6. Next Sunday is ‘Breakfast Sunday’. Breakfast will be served at nominal rates after the morning masses by the Parish Youth.

Fr. Caetano Fernandes
Parish Priest