Church Announcements – 18/11/2018

1. Next Sunday’s mass co-ordination by Zone 4. Mrs Brenda Menezes to co-ordinate. Saturday evening mass is in English.
2. The parents of children of class III (First Holy Communion class) are requested to attend a meeting next Sunday 25th November 2018, after the 9.15am mass, in the small hall upstairs.
3. Holy Family church has improved its sound systems by adding 7 more mikes with stands and a additional mixer, which were sponsored by Mrs Rose Marie and Tony Feegrado on the occasion of their 50th Golden Jubilee.
4. The Association of Crusaders for Jesus and Mary will conduct an evening program on Friday, 23nd November 2018 at Holy Family Church premises, – Alto Porvorim from 6.00 pm till 9.00 pm. The programme will consists of Praise and Worship; Testimonies; Worship dances / Action songs; skits and Word of God.
5. Next Sunday is ‘Breakfast Sunday’. Breakfast will be served at nominal rates after the morning masses by the Altar Servers.

Fr. Caetano Fernandes
Parish Priest