Church Announcements – 07/10/2018

1. Next Sunday’s mass co-ordination by C F M. Mr Gordon & Mrs. Amelia to co-ordinate. Saturday evening mass is in English.
2. Altar Servers please note there will be a meeting today Sunday, 07th of October, 2018 after the catechism class in the church.
3. The monthly PPC meeting for the month of October will be held on Monday (08/10/2018) at 7.00 p.m. in the Church hall.
4. Communion to the sick and homebound will be brought on Monday (08/10/18) in Zones I to III, on Tuesday (09/10/18) in Zones IV to VI and on Wednesday (10/10/18) in Zones VII to IX.
5. A special mass will be celebrated at the parish grotto of Our Lady of Fatima on Saturday, 13th October, 2018 at 6.00 p.m. starting with the recitation of the Rosary and followed by Mass. The fellowship that will follow the Eucharist will be an opportunity for sharing and spending time with one another in a spirit of friendship and camaraderie. All parishioners are cordially invited to participate in the celebration.
6. The Parish Youth are organising a football tournament for un-married verses married couples on the 14th of October. We request parishioners to come in large numbers to cheer and participate in the games. Those who wish to register their names, kindly contact the youth committee. Details are on the notice board.
7. This year marks the 92th Anniversary of World Missionary Day. Pope Francis has entitled his Message for the World Mission Day 2018, which will be celebrated on October 21st, 2018, as Together with young people; let us bring the Gospel to all. Mission calendars together with envelopes for contribution will be made available to the families of our parish through the ward representatives. Let us support the missionary works with the same zeal and generosity that we have been doing in the past years.
8. Golden years Association Fellowship Meeting on Wednesday 10th October in the church hall at 5.00 pm.
9. Parishioners who have not yet registered their names in the parish office by filling the census form are requested to kindly do the same at the earliest. Your ward representative will help you to do so.
10. Members of ‘Society of St. Vincent de Paul’ shall be standing outside the church after all masses this weekend for their monthly collection.

Fr. Caetano Fernandes

Parish Priest